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Newest "Project" -- My Room 
22nd-Apr-2012 02:00 pm
Hello there, all.

Posting this kind of as a way to avoid doing homework for another fifteen minutes, but oh well, we all need a break every once in a while, right? Haha.

I've decided that I want to redecorate my room lately, and I've slowly been building up to taking the lunge and actually doing it. The last time I decorated was when I was about 13 or 14 years old, so my room is decided a little "young" for me. Currently, my room has an Asian flair to it, with lots of candleholders and the like for it. However, this... really isn't doing it for me anymore. I've recently been kicked out of my old room and imposed into my brother's (Mom wanted the brother in the basement, where it's cooler and his constantly-running technology isn't stinking up the house with its heat, apparently; teenage boy + hot room where he always closes the door = not a good mix.).

So, I've decided on a theme that's more with my interests now, and more in tune with my favorite aesthetics. I adore older, antique things; I think they're some of the most beautiful items there are. I've decided, finally, on a gothic-inclined, Moitie-inspired space, with plenty of wrought iron and darkly stained woods. I already have a bit of a list compiled, most of which I plan to do this summer, if at all possible. I've also found someone planning to buy my old room decor, to give me a little bit more decor fund money (thanks, Yuki! <3).

F-Yeah Lolita's blog post on brand-inspired decor was a starting point for me. I've taken the suggestion of blue sheets for the bed from there. I have a duvet instead of a bedspread, so I plan on making a duvet cover out of some replica fabric from Oo Jia--either her Silent Moon or, if she has it by the time I take that step, Iron Gate, probably in blue on black. I'm also planning on ordering an antique-gold style metal headboard and footboard. The design I've picked is very flexible, and would be able to change it up easily, should I decide ten years down the road to redecorate again, and I wouldn't need to spend more money on more furniture.

For the walls, I intend to have a few sets of wrought iron candle holders to set off the white walls I have in my room. The Sconces I picked out on Amazon are almost a steal at $35 for a three piece set, one of which is a large number that holds five larger candles (the others being single-candle versions). I also plan on purchasing a candelabra for display, as well--it will likely end up on top of my bookshelf or on the side of my dresser. And for the Moitie-inspired bedroom, you need blue candles, right? Haha. This is another idea from F-Yeah Lolita (I'll probably end up sending a pic of the finished room to the blog...).

One of the larger items I plan on purchasing is a vanity set. Things such as my bookshelf (a cheap number that is too small, but should last me long enough) will likely just be spray-painted black. But a vanity is an item I've wanted for a long time, but have never had the space for. The configuration of my room now, however, allows for one, so I'm going to take advantage of that. This is a larger ticket item, and I figure that I can allot up to $250 or $300 for one.

One of the things that I'm running into trouble with, however, is my dresser. I've had the same dresser since I was, quite literally, three years old. It's plain enough to where it doesn't really matter--after all, it isn't super childish, except for the bear-and-balloon wallpaper in the bottom of the drawers that no one sees anyways--but this lightly-stained thing is going to look rather awkward in a gothic-themed room. There isn't much I can do about it, though; it was an expensive piece that my mother said I should give to my old child, and until I finally move out on my own (likely going to happen after I graduate college), I don't have the room to buy a dresser of my own. When I do move out, however, I plan on purchasing an armoire instead of a dresser, as close to the vanity I want to buy as I can get, if not matching. My mother agreed to keep the dresser until I had a child, and just use it for guest bedroom furniture.

But other than the awkwardly colored furniture items that I'm more or less stuck with, I think I'm golden!

I'll probably post updates on the decoration process here.

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