Beginning of 2013 ~ Wardrobe Post!

I decided that I would do a bit of an update on my wardrobe. It hasn't grown a whole lot in the past few months, because I've been in Europe--other than a few new accessories. I consider this my first "true" wardrobe post. I'm still very much a beginner, and my wardrobe has a LONG way to go--but I hope to truly move it forward in the coming year.

So without further ado, my wardrobe~!

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A Beginning Lolita's Checklist

I've decided to do a bit of an intro post for lolita fashion for those who are looking into getting into the fashion, but don't really know what, exactly, is needed, or where to start. This entry is my opinion, personally. Some people may see it fine to deviate and swerve off the path I'm outlining as they see fit. Everyone determines their own style, so there's no absolutely "correct" way about going about building up a wardrobe! However, I find that this would be the best way to begin from the base on up!

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If there are any more questions, please feel free to ask!

Updated "Wish List"

Kind of an update on the items that I'm looking at in my "DO WANT" list... This includes only the items that I want, but have yet to purchase. I have a few of my wish list items on their way to me, or they are soon to be sent out. <3

Some of these items, I want the actual item--others, it's more of a "I want something like ____"... But in general, I guess this shows what I'm interested in? Haha.... Enough rambling... Onto the gorgeous pictures.

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Joyous occasion!

My brother sent me a text today telling me that my Oo Jia dress had come in. I rushed home to find that not one, but TWO of her lovely dresses were waiting for me! <3 So I am quite the happy girl at the moment, haha. <3

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On Body Image in Lolita

Everyone knows about this topic. The lolita community is a community based on image, after all. It's a truth that some may be reluctant to admit, but a truth nonetheless. We may judge people more harshly or less so based on their experience, our own preferences, or how much we like the substyle they're representing; but image is still what we are essentially judging.

And Body Image is a large part of that.

There's a huge debate over the whole "Fatty-Chan" thing that I, personally, find ridiculous. So a girl who can't fit into a 38-inch-bust dress. Does that automatically make her fat? No. People come in all shapes and sizes. Some girls are a little bustier; others, such as myself, simply are built stockier than others. I know for a fact that my ribcage would not allow me to wear most brand dresses. Does that make me fat? Not necessarily.

It isn't unheard of for lolitas to go on diets in order to lose weight to fit into a dress. I find nothing wrong with this. It's your priority, if you want to lose 15 pounds to wear your dream dress. All the more power to you, and the best of luck. But somehow, the stress to be able to wear brand stretches into the ability to be thin--since that's about all that brand will fit. I don't mean to say that all girls who wear brand lolitas are stick figures--often, they aren't. But by many "Western" standards, the dresses simply ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH.

In my opinion, this lack of sizing leads to a few issues, including the loss of a potential market for the brands (I read a suggestion by someone on Facebook that actually intrigued me; if, when placing an order with a brand, custom-fit would be an option for those who pre-order; I doubt it will ever happen, but that's a brand's choice, and we're not the ones to judge the way they run their business), but most importantly, the pressure in the lolita community to be small enough to wear brand. As if there wasn't enough pressure in America to be super-skinny to be like the models in the magazines, we are now too large to fit into a dress because it was made for Japanese girls, who (no offense meant here) are substantially smaller than other girls (not to mention the fact that the brand dresses are often substantially shorter on Western girls, as well).

For me, Lolita is about feeling good about myself, and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I love the fashion. I love the dresses I own, the accessories I've made, the people I interact with on the community. But what I hate most is this added pressure to have a waist that I can never have, if I'm to be healthy. Lolita reflects a beauty that should be more than just physical. Lolita reflects someone who is special, and who has the audacity to be different in a world that may not always understand our frills and pettis. It's a place where everyone--regardless of size, race, or any other factor--should be welcome. When it comes to Lolita--the style should fit you. You shouldn't have to fit it. Be yourself before you're a lolita--even if it is a few centimeters more.

Room Update!

Hello all! It's been a while since I've done a post, so I thought that I would do a bit of an update on the room situation!

Things have been slow going for a bit, but I've managed to get a few things taken care of, and gotten a few things looked at...

Let's start with one of the first items I mentioned in my first post: my duvet cover. I asked Oo Jia for a quote on how much I would need to pay for the replica fabric that would make up the outside border of my duvet. When she told me it would be over $200.... well... I decided that I'd look around a bit more, haha.

I have purchased a few wrought iron pieces for the walls, however, along with some candles--I got lucky and found false ones that look very realistic on sale. I won't have to worry about cleaning up after candles on my wall hangings, at least! I have two sconces and another longer pieces to go above the bed.

I've yet to purchase any of the furniture, unfortunately. I did, however, find an amazing embroidered fabric to use on the stool of my planned vanity (after I dye it from its current cornflower blue to either navy of black). Overall, I haven't gotten super far; but I've figured out plenty more ideas to get around issues that popped up, so hopefully that will go over well.

The next item I want to buy is a lamp... Followed by a new duvet set. I hope to get these in the next month or so... But we'll see!

New Additions ~ Bags!

I just thought I would share two new additions to my wardrobe--two new purses! <3 I love shaped bags, and I wanted something that would both match a majority of my wardrobe, and would be a little "me".

The result of this desire were these two little beauties.

The first one I purchased is another brand item--Alice and the Pirates' Coffin Pochette in the blackxsilver colorway. This colorway sold out extremely fast on the site. So I'm really glad that I managed to get ahole of this one on the EGL Comm Sales!!! It's odd, I think, how my favorite brand is Moi-Meme-Moitie, but so many of my brand items seem to be from AatP.... Haha.

The second item was a custom book purse by voodoodolly (her etsy: ). Originally, she only had the bag available in black and gold. I requested one on black and silver; she was experimenting at the time with silver, which seemed to be giving her more trouble than the black just because it could. She let me know when she had it "figured out", and provided a custom listing for the first one she made. I absolutely adore it. It looks like an antique book. It's perfect, in my opinion, for a bookworm of an English major like me! Haha.

(And before you ask, why yes, that is Final Fantasy X-2 in the background. It decided to make a cameo.)

Newest "Project" -- My Room

Hello there, all.

Posting this kind of as a way to avoid doing homework for another fifteen minutes, but oh well, we all need a break every once in a while, right? Haha.

I've decided that I want to redecorate my room lately, and I've slowly been building up to taking the lunge and actually doing it. The last time I decorated was when I was about 13 or 14 years old, so my room is decided a little "young" for me. Currently, my room has an Asian flair to it, with lots of candleholders and the like for it. However, this... really isn't doing it for me anymore. I've recently been kicked out of my old room and imposed into my brother's (Mom wanted the brother in the basement, where it's cooler and his constantly-running technology isn't stinking up the house with its heat, apparently; teenage boy + hot room where he always closes the door = not a good mix.).

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Laying Down the Lolita Law (AKA Lolita Smackdown)

One of the most irritating things out there, in my opinion, are people who spout off about things that they have no idea about. This isn't in reference to just lolita, either--it can be about anything. From people talking about the Health Care law when they only know the negative things that are pointed out in the news channels, as opposed to the good it can do; or people who talk about literary theory as if they're an expert when they couldn't tell Reader Response Theory from Structuralist Theory.

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Wardrobe Post

At the request of a friend of mine, I decided that I would post my collected lolita items thus far. =3 I'm pretty excited to show off my items, even if they aren't really all that impressive, haha. Without further ado, onto the frills and lace~!

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...I hope I didn't bore everyone too much! I would love to see everyone else's wardrobe, so if you read this... Tag!