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~Sewing, Writing, and Other Experiences~
Wardrobe Post 
8th-Apr-2012 01:35 am

At the request of a friend of mine, I decided that I would post my collected lolita items thus far. =3 I'm pretty excited to show off my items, even if they aren't really all that impressive, haha. Without further ado, onto the frills and lace~!

1. Shoes

My Bodyline shoes 192, in black. The heart buckles are so cute, aren't they? I love the scalloping, as well.

And, handsdown, my most expensive Lolita item to date--my Fluevog boots. I ADORE these. The picture really doesn't do them justice. They're absolutely gorgeous, and are 100% leather... And they can adjust to my huge calves, haha.

2. For the Legs

Left to right:
Black and white tights - Walmart
Vampire Rose OTK's - Alice and the Pirates (I LOVE THESE SO MUCH.)
Music notes - Sock Dreams
Fairytale - Sock Dreams

3. Underclothes

Bloomers - Handmade in black... I'm currently getting ready to make a white pair.

My pettis! As you can see, they're both huge, haha.... Both are Malco Modes 582s.

4. Hats and Hair

Starting with a recent purchase and my smallest item! My Mad Hatter hairpin from Baby The Stars Shine Bright. I love how adorable this is. I usually prefer the AatP offbrand when it comes to Baby, but I couldn't resist this little thing. It's more of an everyday item for me, rather than strictly lolita. My room mate says its adorable. Money well spent!

A circle headdress included in my second English Charm order as a free gift. So cute! I love the roses. It's simplistic and gorgeous, and it isn't overpoweringly huge, so even with my short hair, I can wear it. Also, say hi to my laptop, haha.

And my headbows! On the right is an English Charm headbow, and on the left is a headbow included in my Oo Jia order for my Vampire Requiem replica. The Oo Jia bow is a tad large for my taste in the hair accessories department, but I'll hold onto it in case I ever get my hands on a fluffy wig or something.

A mini hat I made at a convention I was at last weekend.... Moreso a practice hat than anything else, but I think it's cute.

My beret (left) and sailor hat (right). The beret is more or less an everyday thing for me. I love it, haha. I handmade it from a base black hat with some lace and ribbon scraps. Beneath the bow is a charm with two doves and a heart. The sailor had was hand made, by me again, to match a sailor OP I purchased.

5. Blouses and Jackets

A jacket that came with a JSK I purchased off of eBay (I wouldn't condone buying lolita off of eBay; I've been very lucky with my purchases, but things can go very wrong very quickly on that site in the lolita world). This was part of my second lolita purchase. Simple enough, and it's a nice light jacket for a brisk spring morning. The bows on the cuffs are also really cute, in my opinion.

Two of my blouses from English Charm (actually, all of my blouses are from English Charm, haha). I have long-sleeved versions of the bib blouse in cotton, in both black and white.

My first lolita blouse; a ruffle blouse from English Charm that I usually wear under JSK's. It's actually pretty warm, so it's more of a winter top than for summer, because of the weight of the fabric. It's very comfortable, though! Corset lacing helps make for an immaculate fit.

And my only short sleeved blouse--a simple puff sleeve from English Charm's "Classics" collection. Simple and cute! Very functional. And it fits awesome, thanks to the corset lacing in the back and the beautiful tailoring.

6. Skirts

I actually have a tendency to name my skirts, even if they're MY creations rather than a brand's, haha. So, behold, Melodic Alice. I love this print. I'm currently putting off making a matching headbow because I'm lazy.

And this is Midnight Rose, which is a high-waisted, drop-waist skirt. It has a very subtle print to it of roses and thorny vines running across it, and corset backing. This was the first lolita item that I made myself.

And here is my beloved Vampire Requiem from Oo Jia. I love this skirt so much. Corset lacing.... Mmm.

7. OPs and JSKs

This was my first lolita purchase--a sailor style OP. I absolutely love sailor collars, and I wanted to get something that would look adorable and classic at the same time. I love this OP; I just wish I had more of an occasion to wear it! I bought this off of a shop on eBay (again, would not recommend doing that).

The second half of my second eBay purchase; this came with the jacket above in the "Tops" section. There's a lot of texture in the skirt area--lots of gathering and pintucks... Overall, a nice JSK for a more toned-down look that still has something interesting to look at. It looks awesome with a petti under it. It also has some lovely corset lacing!

My Bone Aviary JSK, made by me. I used the fabric from Spoonflower to make this about... two weeks ago? It's one of the newest additions to my wardrobe, and I think it's super cute. It also has corset lacing up the back!

And here is one of my other JSK's, which is more suitable for regular wear. It's a black version of English Charm's "Rose Trellis" design. Very classy and lovely, and it looks gorgeous on. More corset lacing! (I'm pretty sure you can tell by now that I have a problem.)

8. Miscellaneous

My beloved Metamorphose Crown Rose parasol! Ever so lovely....

Random little additions for dresses--removable bows and brooches, that sort of thing. The top left is just a ribbon rose from Joanne's; top right is a black rose brooch that came with my Rose Trellis dress; bottom is a detachable bow that came with the Trellis dress.

9. Incoming!

I just ordered these two dresses a few weeks ago from Oo Jia. They're due in about early to mid May. Super excited to get them. They're super pretty, and I can't wait! <3 I'll of course be freaking out on here once I get them.... They're replicas of AaTP's "Midsummer Night's Dream" in the JSK I version (top) and Moi-Meme-Moitie's "Silent Moon" OP (bottom).

...I hope I didn't bore everyone too much! I would love to see everyone else's wardrobe, so if you read this... Tag!
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