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~Sewing, Writing, and Other Experiences~
New Additions ~ Bags! 
26th-Apr-2012 02:31 pm
I just thought I would share two new additions to my wardrobe--two new purses! <3 I love shaped bags, and I wanted something that would both match a majority of my wardrobe, and would be a little "me".

The result of this desire were these two little beauties.

The first one I purchased is another brand item--Alice and the Pirates' Coffin Pochette in the blackxsilver colorway. This colorway sold out extremely fast on the site. So I'm really glad that I managed to get ahole of this one on the EGL Comm Sales!!! It's odd, I think, how my favorite brand is Moi-Meme-Moitie, but so many of my brand items seem to be from AatP.... Haha.

The second item was a custom book purse by voodoodolly (her etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/voodooodolly ). Originally, she only had the bag available in black and gold. I requested one on black and silver; she was experimenting at the time with silver, which seemed to be giving her more trouble than the black just because it could. She let me know when she had it "figured out", and provided a custom listing for the first one she made. I absolutely adore it. It looks like an antique book. It's perfect, in my opinion, for a bookworm of an English major like me! Haha.

(And before you ask, why yes, that is Final Fantasy X-2 in the background. It decided to make a cameo.)
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