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~Sewing, Writing, and Other Experiences~
Joyous occasion! 
23rd-Jun-2012 08:17 pm

My brother sent me a text today telling me that my Oo Jia dress had come in. I rushed home to find that not one, but TWO of her lovely dresses were waiting for me! <3 So I am quite the happy girl at the moment, haha. <3

First up is Midsummer Night's Dream from AatP, which I purchased in the navy colorway in the JSK I (drop-waist JSK) cut. The print is clear and crisp, but I would almost count the navy as a purple rather than a true blue.... I love it, particularly the roses. The butterflies are cute touches, as well! I kind of wonder why they chose the name for the print, but... hey, I don't care, it's just pretty! haha.

Next up is my Silent Moon OP. Which I have officially fallen in love with. I swear, this thing was haunting my dreams until it finally arrived on my doorstep today! D= I got the blackxsilver colorway, and couldn't be happier. Oo Jia allowed me to increase the hem of the dress by a meter in order to fit both my large legs and my petticoats underneath it. When I originally ordered the dress, I had no idea that the hem was only 2 meters. As a result... well, the dress was far too small for me to wear with any poof underneath it because of my thighs. >.<;;

Now, however, I have a dress I have a feeling I will wear until it flat out dies on me. XD I adore it even more with the extended hemline, and the fit is absolutely gorgeous. I'm super happy to have it! Here it is on my new dress form, chilling with some other items in a coord-in-the-making...

OP: Oo Jia
Shoes: Bodyline
Beret: Handmade
Parasol: Metamorphose

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