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~Sewing, Writing, and Other Experiences~
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27th-Mar-2012 06:35 pm - 10 Reasons I am a (Gothic) Lolita
I thought I would do a quick post for fun--my personal top 10 reasons I chose to get into lolita fashion, particularly the gothic substyle.

This is in a tentative order..... Nothing explicitly "It has to be in this order" about it, but it sort of shows the general outline of why I like the fashion. 

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14th-Mar-2012 12:41 pm - Wardrobe Wish List ~ Prints!
This is a post just about every lolita needs to do sometime. This is more of an organizational thing for me than anything else, but... well, if anyone is selling accessories to match these, maybe I can take them off their hands, should they see this. Haha!

Most if not all of these will have to be replicas. I've already made my stance on replicas--so please, no complaints.... I wish I could fit into MMM, which is quite obviously dominating this list.

These are all listed more or less by brand, rather than by how badly I want them... Though one of my favorites is listed first. Haha.

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14th-Mar-2012 12:21 am - On Religious Motifs in Lolita
Before I go into this--I want to make one thing clear. I'm not in this to offend anyone. I'm not in this to argue with anyone. This is an opinion piece that I decided to write as a way to pass some time, and it seemed like an interesting topic for a ramble-post.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way~!

I love most lolita dresses that have crosses as a motif or design influence. They're usually very beautiful and lovely, and are almost always tasteful in design. I have yet to find anything, really, that sets off a red flag or a warning sign that the dresses are going "too far".

Saying that lolita shouldn't include crosses (or other religious imagery, for that matter--such as BTSSB's "Seraphim Stained Glass" OP) is like saying mainstream fashion shouldn't include crosses, either. Some people will accept a cross with roses and skulls on and around it on a T-shirt, but not for a lolita dress.... And that doens't make sense to me. Is it because the fashion is unusual? Because it's outside the norm, whereas the T-shirts have become the norm?

In my opinion, so long as religious imagery is treated with respect and dignity, it shouldn't be limited. Many of my favorite prints, such as Moi-Meme-Moitie's "Divine Cross", have religious symbols on them. And many of my brother's favorite T-shirts have crosses on them, as well. I don't think that limiting what can and can't be on a dress is a good thing... But I respect others who have different opinions. I just ask that, if you don't like crosses on skirts, dresses, etc. because of your beliefs, then please respect the right of the other individual to wear it. If you think that someone shouldn't be designing things that have crosses on them when they themselves are not Christians, it's a part of life. Life needs art. Religion highly influences art. To me, it's that simple....

Crosses can be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe---when treated with respect. Keep it clean and lovely, and there really shouldn't be any issues with what you do and do not put on your skirts.

There is a lot of talk in the lolita community about replicas. Love them or hate them, we've all seen the posts where people duke it out and argue over whether or not they're "right". I'm not looking to get into this argument. I don't want to be labeled as a "brandwhore" (a term I find rather deragatory), and I certainly don't want to be thought of as cheap and//or unsuportive of brands. Before I go on with this post, I want to make my own position clear--and explain why I've purchased one of the ever-hated-replicas.

Lolita is not made for larger girls. Or, rather, brand name clothes aren't. We don't all have 90-cm waists and busts. We aren't all made like that. I hail from solidly-built German and Irish roots. Even if I lost as much weight I could, I would still be unlikely to fit in most brand clothes because of how my bone structure is. It's a sad truth, but it's nevertheless a reality.

I've heard of girls buying two brand skirts and sewing them together in order to make a bigger brand skirt. I understand this--and if it's in their price range, all the more power to them. I encourage their ingenuity. But buying two $200 skirts, even at a discount on the EGL Comm Sales (which is problematic in itself--how often do you come across the same skirt? I would have to wait months for that second one).... It simply isn't in everyone's price range. Lolita is expensive, yes--but paying $400 so you can have the $200 skirt because you're five centimeters (a small measurement that makes all the difference) over the skirt's "max" seems rather extreme to me.

People say that replicas are evil, and that they're stealing artwork. Would I buy the originals, if I could fit into them? YES. The answer to that would always be yes. I would love to support my beloved brands and their beautiful clothes. As it is, I can only wear their accessories--such as my beloved Meta parasol. I've accepted this fact. But, as I can't fit into the originals, I will not BUY the originals. I'm not going to buy a dress just to stare at it (though I've done that plenty with the dresses I have that fit). I want to wear it! That is the entire point of buying a dress! I would rather have a replica dress that I can wear, even though I must admit that it is sadly a replica, than a "real deal" that just sits in my closet where no one, including myself, can really enjoy it. I will support brands in every way I can. But until they start catering to a larger size for lolitas, I simply cannot buy their dresses, as much as I want to.

That being said, I really don't want to recieve any messages or comments complaining about how I shouldn't buy Oo Jia. Oo Jia has given me the chance to buy a skirt that I would gladly buy from the producers--if they made it in my measurement range. As they don't, I went to an outside source.... supply and demand, people. There is a growing field of plus-size lolitas.... Particularly in the Western World. We'll just have to wait and see if brands will ever make bigger clothes. I'm looking at you, Moi-Meme-Moitie. Mocking me with your beautiful prints that I can never have....

Now---onto the real reason I'm sure you're here. My Oo Jia skirt--her Vampire Requiem!

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27th-Feb-2012 05:08 pm - Massive English Charm Review!

I have seen a few reviews for English Charm as a source for petticoats and the occasional small item, but not for larger items. So, after weighting the risks with the benefits of English Charm's reputation for quality, I decided to take the plunge, and put in a rather large order. Following is the review of my experience with English Charm.

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27th-Feb-2012 03:25 pm - Sharing The Poof! (My Petticoats)
I thought that I would share some pictures of my lovely petticoats. I fell in love with the first one I ordered, so I bought a second one in black of the same type. It's a Malco Modes model 582. Rather than going off of stiffness of material, it relies of volume to hold its shape. I've read of lolis who have had these pettis for 6 years, and it still has substantial poof power, so I think it's somewhat high price tag is worth it, in the end!

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It's the first day of spring break, so I really didn't have much to do. So--I decided that I would update myself on my received items and that whole thing. The first post--this one--is going to be brief, because there are really a thousand reviews like it out there (and, as such, I won't bother uploading it to the EGL Community). Now, without further ado--my Bodyline shoes!

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Just a quick bag tutorial I threw together for cyber_nekotron . Hopefully they will find it useful!!!

Custom-Shape Bag Tutorial (with pictures)Collapse )

I decided that I would do a review on the Metamorphose parasol I had that came to me in the mail today! I haven't seen any reviews for Meta parasols before (nor could I find them when I searched), so.... Without further ado, here's my first review!

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